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Khanpara Teer Result 2018 {28th August}~Khanpara Teer Result Today

Khanpara Teer Result 2018: The TEER was recently arranged in the state of Assam. The interested contenders can check the Khanpara TEER Result 2018 on today. The Khanpara Teer Results Live 2018 release on the date of 28th August 2018. The aspirants waiting for the TEER Common Number will announce on today. After the completion of the game, the participants can stay in touch with our web portal for results. Here contenders can check the Khanpara TEER Dream NumberAssam Previous TEER Results & etc.

Khanpara Teer Result 2018

Khanpara Teer Result 2018 {28th August}~ Khanpara Teer Result Today

The Teer game has been popular in north India and other places like Assam. Actually, the Teer game is the legal game and mostly played in Assam State. Basically, the game is very simple and archers from different villages or clubs come in a group in an open Teer ground and fire arrow towards the target. The interested player’s winning choice number from 1 to 100 and if your number matches to Khanpara TEER Hit Number 2018 then you are the winner. The game is played every day except Sunday & government holidays. There are two parts of the game like first half & second half. In a day, you can select two number and if your lucky number wins the game then you are the star of the day.

Assm TEER Result Live 28th August 2018

This is the traditional game of Shillong. The Teer was starting in 1950 at three clubs from different villages host an archery event every week. As the game stated the people getting know about the game from the state. The clubs have come up with unique planes of guess the correct number in the game. If you choose the correct answer, then you will get the prize. The Teer game was started, it was illegal to the government of the state.  Later in 1980, the game got legally approved from the state government of Assam. Now the more clubs are playing Teer game, there are 12 clubs participate in the TEER game and people paly each and every day. The TEER game clubs are like Khanapara Teer/ Guwahati Teer/ Manipur Teer/ Juwai Teer/ Shillong Teer & etc

Khanpara Teer Previous Result 28th August 2018

Date TEER First Round Target Number TEER Second Round Hit Number
07th June 2018 13 66
06th June 2018 16 62
05th June 2018 45 15
04th June 2018 69 68
02nd June 2018 55 37
01st June 2018 30 67

Teer Khanpara Previous Common Number 28th August 2018

Date  TEER F/R Hit Number TEER S/R Dream Number
31st May 2018 02 84
30th May 2018 79 07
29th May 2018 04 25
28th May 2018 77 88
26th May 2018 76 06
25th May 2018 69 23
24th May 2018 46 00
23rd May 2018 94 40
22nd May 2018 79 66
21st May 2018 37 69
19th May 2018 28 73
18th May 2018 47 29
17th May 2018 96 23
16th May 2018 58 25
15th May 2018 94 61
14th May 2018 92 24
12th May 2018 04 42
11th May 2018 43 34
10th May 2018 31 49
09th May 2018 83 78
08th May 2018 90 03
07th May 2018 58 94
05th May 2018 89 32
04th May 2018 31 69
03rd May 2018 72 88
02nd May 2018 07 41
01st May 2018 73 82

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