NTA NEET 2020 Dress Code, Remember Important Points

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NTA NEET 2020 Dress Code, Remember Important PointsThis is the important update regarding National Testing Agency (NTA) NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). The board has announced that this time candidates have a dress code for participating in the NEET 2020 Exam. Last year there were lots of issues happen regarding this. So to avoid that, the board have notified about the dress code for NEET 2020. NTA has decided to exercise caution of dress code and also to overcome the cheating done by the applicants. Brief Information about NTA NEET Dress Code 2020, NEET Result 2020 is mention in the article below.

NEET 2020 Dress Code

NEET UG 2020 Dress Code

The Directive of the Hon’ble Supreme Court under the CBSE has published the notice for the dress code of NEET. Due to various issues, the All India Pre-Medical Test (Now it become National Eligibility Entrance Test) separate the dress for boys and girls. In a circular issued by the officer on special duty of NEET 2020, the NTA said that postulants can wear slippers or sandals instead of shoes. All applicants have been advised to wear light clothes and half-sleeves without big buttons, badges or brooches, which could possibly be used to hide communication devices or cheats.

According to the official release, the Muslim girls can wear traditional dress code like Hijab/Burqa but those who participate in their religious dress have to come up to prescribe the time for checking properly. Apart from that, the board has notified that the ornaments/ jewelry like a ring, earring, nose-pin, necklace, pendant, brooch etc. should be carefully checked. Other things such as purse/wallet, handbags, hairpin, hair band, belt, and cap are not allowed into the examination hall.

neet dress code

Important Points On NEET Medical Entrance Dress Code 2020:

National Testing Agency (NTA) is going to commence the National Eligibility Entrance Test which was earlier AIPMT in the month of September all over in India. Due to various inconvenience like cheating, question paper leak and other all unfair means the authority has to decide with NEET Dress Code for Boys and NTA NEET 2020 Dress Code for Girls are separated with proper guidelines. Contenders have to take care of few points before appearing in the exam that is mention below.

  1. Applicants are advised to not bring the items which are not allowed in the exam center as there is no safe place to keep or submit.
  2. Postulants should have wear light dress so that there is no chance to hide any instruments/device/paper note/cheats and it also helps for unfairness.
  3. Aspirants have to wear slipper/sandals. Shoes are not allowed in the examination hall if anyone found with it will be not permitted to writing paper.
  4. Women competitors are requested to not wear a ring, necklace, pendants, earrings, nose ring or any kind of jewellery because all should be checked out before entering the examination hall.
  5. Participants should have to wear half shirt or t-shirt with no big buttons/badges. It might be used to hide the device from cheating.
  6. Those women who will be going to wear their traditional/religious dress must have reached on specified time for checking purpose. (last year it was not allowed to wear hijab but after opposed by the candidate, this time board is permitted to wear the burqa).

neet dress code

NEET 2020 Schedule of Ringing Bell:

For the convenience, we are mentioning the type and timing of bell so that participants can understand the purpose or meaning of bell rings.

Specifics Time Bell Type
Final Entry in the Exam Hall 9.30 am Long Bell
Distribution of Answer Booklet 9.45 am Single/Short Bell
For Opening Seal of Answer Sheet, 9.55 am Double Bell
Commencement of NEET Test 10 am Long Bell
After One/Two/Two & Half Hour 11/12/12.30 pm Single Bell
Test Over 1.00 pm Long Bell

Overview of NTA NEET MBBS/BDS Exam 2019:

  1. Conducting Authority: National Testing Agency (NTA).
  2. Name of the Exam: National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET).
  3. NEET Medical Exam Date: Updated Soon.
  4. NTA NEET Entrance Result 2020 Date – Intimated Soon
  5. Official Web Portal:

Download NTA NEET UG Answer Key 2020 With Rank Predictor & Calculator (Will Be Available Soon)

Instruction Followed in NEET Entrance Exam Hall:

  • Contenders should have to reach before 9.30 am, afterward no one has to allow to enter in the examination center. The exam hall will be open 2 hours 30 minutes before starting of the entrance test.
  • Candidates have to reach with the NTA NEET Admit Card 2020 in which passport size photo affixed.
  • Postulants have to show the possess hall ticket on the demand of examiner. If any mistakes found in it the applicants will not be permitted to give NEET Entrance 2019.
  • Each aspirant has allotted the seat according to his/her roll number. If any of them found in wrong seat other than allotted one, Their exam shall be canceled. So candidates are requested to sit in the prescribed seat (check/confirm properly before sitting).
  • Please do not carry any other equipment or material other that Admit Card/ Call Letter. Participants are not allowed to bring any barred item (mentioned above) or any item which could be used by unfair means. You might be disqualified if anything found by the invigilators.
  • The invigilator will check the Entry Card and also put his/her signature on the answer sheet.
  • Those who did not appear in the examination, they will not get another chance to re-appear in the National Eligibility Entrance Test.

Check Out NTA NEET UG Expected Cutoff 2020


  1. Sheri

    Is Photo with name and date is needed

  2. mmn

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    2. Can i wear a kurti with collar?
    3. Can i wear 3/4 sleeves?
    4. Is shalls allowed?

  6. MohanDass

    If a question is wrong-1,then remaining 3 marks will be allotted???

  7. prem

    yes but reach 1 hour before exam

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  12. Shilpa

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  13. Alok Kumar Jana

    What should be the colour of the shirt of a male examinee in the exam Hall and in the passport size photograph in the application form?

  14. aritro

    can we wear wrist watch in neet exam?

  15. roshini ranjan

    NEET EXAM DRESS CODE, now The CBSE Officials has released a statement which says that the students are informed well before the exam in the hall wicket, CBSE Officials done like this, due to students used microphones in the exam hall with the help of earrings and studs and all other things, so CBSE taken these step,. From my point this is wrong, conduct online exam then the examinar no need to check online. If the students develop themselves to copy, why cant the teachers upgrade themselves in technology?

  16. Muzzammil

    respected sir, what will be the cut off for TAMILNADU state , will it be the same for all states or does it vary.

  17. arun

    Full hand shirt is allowed?

  18. Archana

    Pls reply

  19. Archana

    Girls dress code: jeans & T shirt allowed / leggi and top is allowed ?

  20. sundar

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  21. jeni

    please do not forget to wear your spectacles then you can’t read the questions and shade the answers

  22. Md

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  31. prem

    No you cant if you want reach exam centre half hour before

  32. Noor

    Sir,Can i wear hijaab (only Stoll) in neet and can i use a pin to hold hijaab and black coloured suit with 3/4th sleeves…

  33. Noor

    Sir,Can i wear hijaab (only Stoll) in neet and can i use a pin to hold hijaab and black coloured suit with 3/4th sleeves…

  34. Noor

    Sir,Can i wear hijaab (only Stoll) in neet and can i use a pin to hold hijaab and black coloured suit with 3/4th sleeves…

  35. prem

    Yes you can wear

  36. prem

    You will be provided in exam hall

  37. prem

    avoid it. They wont allow you

  38. prem

    Avoid using it. Wear simple slippers

  39. prem

    Yes they will allow

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  46. Davinder Singh

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  47. sherri

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    sir plz reply me..


    Sir , In my admit card there is no name and date. Which photo did I want to stick in my admit card . Is there any problem.

  50. Aish

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  51. Neelu

    Can I wear jeggings and half sleave shirt? or is it compulsory to wear salwar?

  52. prem

    Try to avoid it

  53. prem

    No dress is not necessary. But carry aadhar card along with you

  54. prem

    Yes allowed

  55. prem

    No watch is allowed. use simpe rubber banb

  56. Sru

    3/4 sleeve for kurti will be alloweded or not?

  57. Preeti Dhanik

    can i wear printed kurti in orange and grey colour? sir plz rply me..

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    Is it copmpulsory to bring aadhar card for proof and is it necessary to wear that dress only which we have mentioned in the neet 2017 form

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  61. S

    Sir embroidered kurti are allowed or not? Please answer me.

  62. S

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  65. Shreyas waghmare

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  67. mo masarrat khan

    sir can I wear long full blue jeans and half colour full t shirt


    SIR,does cutting of the nails are necessary if they are big?

  69. prem

    yes simple one you can use it

  70. prem

    yes allowed

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    **please answer clearly**
    Coz diff. Websites r giving diff. answers fir this question… Help me sir …

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    light color

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    Sir where do i have to stick the passport size photo and post card size photo on admit card at home or at exam room??

  78. prem

    Parents sign at home and yours at exam hall

  79. prem

    No you cant

  80. prem

    No light dress only allowed

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  82. Sandhi Biswas

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  83. Sandhi Biswas

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    When to fill the details on admit card ….like parents sign. And passport photo……have to fill it at the centre or at home????

  85. Ashfaq

    Shukriya prem bhai. App loga bhi boht ache Hai.. Boht acha kaam kare yeh information likh k.. Allah talla tumare ku taraki de.. Thanks a lot

  86. prem

    Yes, there are high chances that there will be CCTV outside exam center.

  87. Marina dsouza

    Hello sir Mariya here. Sir will there be CCTV near exam Centre. I will be coming with my boy friend. Because my family don’t want me to write this exam. Wil it be problem if they see couples

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    Waah mere hyderabadi maza aagaya tumhara sawaal dekhke. Bahuth saare buses hai dont worry.

  89. Ashfaq

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  90. prem

    NO you cant

  91. Ruby

    Hello sir I also have family problem like ashmita. I recently got married and I’ll be returning on exam day from honey moon. Since my home is far away from exam Centre can I carry luggage with me.

  92. prem

    No you cant wear the Rings

  93. Ashmita

    ***sir please help*****
    Sir I recently got engaged and wearing a diamond ring. If I remove it I’ll have issues with in laws. I’m tensed to think abt exam or about my family. Please sir tell me can I wear it. I don’t want to lose this exam sir.

  94. Selvam

    All girls please understand that we are going for exam not to pub or movie. You can wear any Indian traditional dress. Please think abt the exam not abt the dress. Prem sir is not here jus to answer abt dress.

  95. Rohita

    Sir my pant length is very long. Do I have to give it for alteration or can I fold and wear. I’m stressed abt it.. Please reply

  96. Ganesh

    @zuber..Mr.zuber don’t ask silly questions. Already prem sir is busy with so many questions. Please read the info fully.let me know if you are planning to wear. I’ll also wear the same

  97. Zuber

    Hello prem sir.. Due to hot summer in Delhi. Do we have any relaxation for dress code. Can I wear sleeveless t-shirt and shorts.. Please reply sir

  98. Sarjan abdullah

    Yes u can

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  100. Akanksha singh

    Sir can I wear dark blue trouser having white spots and red colour top

  101. Miral Nasit

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  102. maya

    Can we wear jeans and t-shirt for the exam and r we partiularly have to take any id proof?????

  103. Nisha

    Can I wear 3/4 sleeves?and are you sure that it’s okay to wear?

  104. Sandesh Dhurve

    Can we wear caferi & half t-shirts

  105. SAYANHA

    sir,can i wear 1)stone ring of silver in my finger 2) can i use girder for keeping the hair in a bun in the exam hall of neet ug -2017. please reply sir as soon as possible

  106. Komal Upare

    Can girls wear jeans in neet 2017?

  107. pallavi madarkar

    Plz reply
    I can were jence & top is allowed
    Plz reply

  108. prem

    You have to reach 1/2 hour before exam if you wear hijab

  109. prem

    Yes you can wear

  110. Durga R J

    Sir ,
    Plz reply
    Can I wear jeans with pockets

  111. naqiyah

    can i wear black jeans for NEET examination ?? it wont create any problems??

  112. Joshika

    Sir can I wear ear rings and dupatta (CHUNNI)

  113. anika

    is there any changes in dress code rules

  114. najna

    i am a muslim girl .can i wear hijab.for special checking is there any special notification in our hall ticket

  115. Avanthika menon

    Can i wear shwal with kurtha/churidar

  116. hamidurrehman

    can boys wear a jeans

  117. apoorva nidhi

    Girls can wear trouser and top 3/4 of white colour…plz reply sir

  118. apoorva nidhi

    Girls can wear trouser and 3/4 top of white colour ….plz reply

  119. apoorva nidhi

    Can I wear spectacle but in admit cards and resistration form the photo was affix without spectacle.can I wear spectacle plz reply

  120. prem

    Yes you can wear

  121. prem

    Yes you can wear burqa but you have reach 1/2 hr before exam

  122. Veronica

    Can I wear black leggings and half sleeve t shirt?

  123. tam

    Plz reply fast?

  124. LP

    Can I wear kurthi with 3/4 sleeve and collor

  125. tam

    I can wear burqa for neet exam ?

  126. monisha

    Can we wear sleeveless kurta

  127. tam

    Plz say I can wear frock with lower leggings! Reply fast

  128. moumita

    can i wear half sleeve kurti and leggings

  129. prem

    Try to remove but this might not create any problems

  130. prem

    yes you can wear

  131. prem

    Avoid it

  132. prem

    No need

  133. ganesh

    can I ware full sleeve

  134. Priyanka

    Can girls wear midi & tops

  135. Kopal sarin

    Can girls wear salwar with 3/4 sleeved kurta

  136. Mansi

    Hello,sir I cannot remove my nosepin
    Am I allow to enter in the exam ? slot A is given by neet 2017.

  137. Tejaswi

    Is it necessary to take 12th grade hall ticket?

  138. Isha

    Can I wear shorts?

  139. dimple kumari

    Is black t-shirt is allowed for girls.. Plz reply!!

  140. Rashmi

    Can I wear spectacles which I did not wear in the affixed photograph. Please reply.

  141. Greshma moncy

    what about to wear leggings for NEET

  142. Aastha

    Can we wear 3/4 slives top with salwar

  143. Tejaswini

    are jeans allowed for girls for neet examination

  144. prem

    Yes you can wear.

  145. prem

    yes you can wear

  146. prem

    Yes reach venue half hour before and follow the guidelines of neet dress code 2017

  147. Siyona k.Rahman

    Can i wear black and white top and jean for the exam?

  148. sakshi

    Can we wear black color kurti nd black leggings. …
    plz reply fast

  149. Mehak

    Girls wearing hijab r supposed to reach half an hour before .Is it Half an hour before the time slot alloted on roll no. Slip??

  150. Aishane sethi

    What sort of dress we should wear in Neet 2017 exam…
    Can we wear jeans and 3/4th slaves Kurti??
    Plzz reply fast

  151. prem

    Yes you can wear hijab but you to reach exam centre-half hour before according to guidelines of cbse neet dress code 2017

  152. prem

    Normal pants but follow instructions of neet dress code 2017

  153. p

    which type of pant can wear at the time of exam neet 2017 ? Please reply to me

  154. p

    which type of pant can be boys wear?

  155. Samir

    I am asking aysha because i have been told that reply is given by aysha and please answer me correct anyone who is sure. My sister is very worried. Thank you..

  156. Samir

    Who is aysha and prem and can girls wear hijab and dark dress.

  157. Samir

    Who is prem and aysha and can girls wear hijab

  158. ayana

    Can i wear a top with high neck or collor

  159. prem

    yes but you have reach exam centre before half hour

  160. Sariga Santhosh

    can we wear skirts?

  161. Ayesha


  162. Mohammaf

    Are boys allowed to wear trousers a bit loose ones

  163. prem

    yes allowed

  164. prem

    We cant say you have to check at exam centre in advance

  165. prem

    yes you can

  166. Amana

    Can l wear frock?

  167. Sugandha

    If nosepin is checked nd everything is fine. Then we can enter? ….or it is strictly prohibited?

  168. Miral katariya

    Sleeveless top available for girls in neet exam

  169. Sayali

    Pls reply to the above comment

  170. Zuber

    Dear prem. Thanks for starting this website. You guys are really doing a great job by helping students. I will refer your website to all my frens. Sir will there be parking and parking charges near exam Centre?

  171. Prakash

    Sir..due to eating gutka it fell on the hall ticket sir.. I’ll be allowed for exam.. Tell me na prem sir please.. I’m worry a lat

  172. Murgan

    Hello sir please reply. I’m murgan from vellore district Tamil Nadu. I only wear lungi or waistee. Is lungi allowed since exam Centre is Tamil Nadu. Please reply sir. Thanks a lot

  173. Rohit

    Sir, one personal question. I’m poor student from Bihar. There is hole in my shirt which I’m planning to wear. Still will they accept it. What if they reject saying I hided chits in that hole. I’m tensed please help

  174. Sayali

    In my neet form I have filled Aadhar enrollment no. now what am I supposed to take along with me Aadhar Card or the one that has enrollment no.

    I also want to know whether I can make a pony or I am supposed to live my hair open

  175. prem

    You should take ID Proof to exam centre

  176. prem

    Yes you can

  177. Sayali

    Am I supposed to take my id proof along with me in neet examination hall

  178. urneeb

    can I wear kurta and slex with dupatta….ar hairs ko places Marni Hai ya khule hi without​ rubber….plzzz rply fast..

  179. Sudeshna

    Can we wear leggings in neet 2017??..plzz reply..

  180. Durga R J

    Can we wear jeans with pockets

  181. prem

    Yes you can wear

  182. Anisha

    Can we wear sleeveless top with jeans

  183. Kiran

    Can we wear plajo in neet 2017

  184. prem

    yes you can wear

  185. prem

    yes you can wear. but try to avoid as per norms half sleeves t-shirt and light clothes without big buttons or brooches and badge are allowed

  186. prem

    Yeah you can wear but you have to reach exam venue before 1/2 hour

  187. Shanti

    Can girls wear jeans ???

  188. Nooreen

    Can we wear a dupatta?

  189. frsna

    Can I wear hijab

  190. prem

    yeah you can

  191. prem

    yes girls can wear

  192. MONI


  193. xghn

    can we pyjama with half sleeve top

  194. Nandini

    Can we wear Jens and cut sleev top in neet plz reply fast

  195. Moni Sur

    can i wear jeans ?

  196. prem

    No you cant according to cbse neet ug dress code 2017

  197. Mehak Preet Kaur

    Can we wear watch in NEET 2017 exam?

  198. bhikchand m khambayat

    neet,jee main

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