Meditation and the Art of Conscious Living

Or, How “paying attention” can make the difference between living your best life or missing it What if there was a way to sustainably improve your mood, increase peace of mind and emotional intelligence, reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness, boost your immune system, and fight chronic disease and inflammation – with almost immediate results, in 8 weeks? What if it was also free, drugless, backed by hard science, extremely easy to do, requiring no ongoing instruction, and you could start doing it immediately, investing only 10-20 minutes a day? Would you try it? There is such a thing. It’s called […]

Yoga for long life

Yoga for long life: yoga is necessary to live long and young, know from swami Ramdev ways to stay healthy Yoga for long life: If you do exercise every day then you will get more benefit i.e. you can extend your life by 31 per cent means that if you want to see this beautiful world made by nature for 100 years, enjoy its beauty. Get up early in the morning and accustom your body to exercise. Sometimes calculate your laziness, why are you not healthy?.. Question yourself. Whatever has passed.. so let go of the excuse and listen to […]

Yoga for eyes: improve eyesight naturally

Many of the yogic poses/asana and exercises are aimed at improving the functioning of specific organs of the body. Yoga provides a series of eye exercises that improves the functioning of the eyes and helps to overcome various eye-related problems, such as Myopia or short sightedness Hypermetropia or long sightedness Various other eye-related disorders In the present-day world, about 35% of the population suffers from myopia and hypermetropia in varying degrees. Therapeutic yoga techniques include exercises such as Palming Blinking Changing focus of eyes from side to side simultaneously Changing focus of eyes forward and sideways simultaneously Rotational viewing Viewing […]